411 - FrogWear - Keto-Handler Plus Gloves


411 - FrogWear® - Keto-Handler Plus Gloves

This extraordinary solvent resistant glove features superior protection for handling some of the most difficult organic solvents including ketones, aromatic solvents and chlorinated solvents. Designed with resistance toward high humid conditions, these unique gloves have an 11 mil thickness with blue PVA coated outside and nitrile inside. The finish is smooth and the glove is 13 inches in length.

**PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) is a water-soluble polymer and can break down in both water and alcohols. The Keto-Resister is a hybrid PVA/Nitrile glove that is designed to provide an extra protective barrier with the chemical resistance of PVA enhanced with the additional properties of Nitrile.

This glove provides excellent protection against Ketones, Chlorinated solvents, aromatic solvents and numerous other hazardous chemicals and provides limited protection for use with alcohols, acids, bases or chemicals containing a high percentage of water.

  • PVA material provides resistance to ketones and organic solvents
  • Nitrile material provides an extra protection barrier to both waters and alcohols
  • Flexible 11 mil thickness provides excellent dexterity
  • EN 388 Levels: 3001X
  • Each pair is individually poly bagged for extra protection

7(S) - 10(XL)

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Organic Chemical Handling
Chlorinated Solvent Handling
Aromatic Solvent Handling
Degreasing Operations
Fuel Handling
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