5739P - Gripster Raptor - Washable Gardening Gloves with Claws for Digging and Raking


5739P - Gripster® Raptor - Gardening Gloves with Claws, Perfect for Digging, Raking and Planting

Tools at your fingertips! Gripster Raptor Gardening Gloves have hard plastic fingertips permanently bonded to the four fingers (not thumb) of latex-coated gloves. The claws prevent injuries by protecting fingers from dirt, thorns and stress.

Gloves with claws are perfect for digging and raking - gloves without claws are super flexible and protect the hands from puncture and thorns. Dirt can easily been removed by simply rinsing off gloves. Flexible with rubber coating, Gripster® Raptor Gardening Gloves allow for easy handling of plants, pots and other garden equipment.

Gripster® Raptor Gardening Gloves come in a box containing two pairs of gloves: (1) left hand with claws, (1) left hand without claws, (1) right hand with claws, and (1) right hand without claws

  • Hard plastic fingertips protect fingers and are great for digging and raking
  • Latex coating enhances grip when handling pots, gardening equipment and plants
  • Gloves without claws protect hands from thorns
  • Dirt washes off easily for quick clean-up

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