8490 - FrogWear - Triple Dipped PVC Low Temperature Gloves


8490 - FrogWear® - Triple Dipped PVC Low Temperature Gloves

These premium super flexible triple dipped PVC gloves feature a seamless brushed terry cloth lining that keeps your hands warm and dry. The liner flexes with the glove allowing freedom of movement and reducing the hand fatigue associated with working in cold environments. The triple dipped PVC is specially formulated for handling of chemical residues, oils, or greasy materials. This specially formulated PVC stays flexible in temperatures down to -5°. The sandpaper grip enhances handling of objects wet or dry.

  • EN 388 levels: 3221X
  • Flexible even on the coldest days
  • Waterproof and warm
  • Inner liner to keep your hands warm
  • Triple dipped PVC with sandpaper finish

8(M) - 10(XL)

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Cold Weather Work
Outdoor Activities
Cold Material Handling
Freezer Applications
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