GLO-CNS2 - Bullhead Safety High-Visibility Evaporative Cooling Neck Shade


GLO-CNS2 - Bullhead Safety® High-Visibility Evaporative Cooling Neck Shade

This high-visibility yellow/green cooling neck shade is constructed with proprietary cooling polymers in a multi-layer construction which help dissipate hot moisture from your body quickly.

  • Material absorbs, stores and releases water within a multi-layered fabric
  • Provides extended cooling comfort and heat stress prevention
  • Soak 1-2 minutes in cool water, wring out excess water gently, enjoy cooling relief for several hours. Reactivate by submerging in cold water as needed
  • High-visibility yellow/green with contrasting orange trim
  • Silver reflective material enhances low-light visibility
  • Elastic band at the top fits around most hard hats, both cap style and full brim style

Note: Hard hat not included.

One Size

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Road Construction
Oil and Gas
Utility Crew
Survey Crew
Railway Workers
Baggage Handlers
Sporting Events
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